Grove Window Supply uses delivery as an opportunity to further inspect products and ensure our customers complete product package in onsite. If the jobsite is ready and we have clear access, we spread all window and door products to the proper openings.  

This unique process helps save time and catch and errors or discrepancies in the window package at the time of delivery. A few advantages of this process include:

  • Any missing windows or incorrect sized windows are found and framing is adjusted or window is re-ordered immediately
  • This ensures tempered windows are spread next to the correct opening that requires tempering (preventing costly mistakes and re-installations to pass inspections)
  • This ensures all windows requiring egress hardware are properly placed next to the correct opening.
  • Spreading the windows allows us to inspect for additional stress cracks, or IGU issues.

Delivery services are performed on our own deliveries and oftentimes after drop shipments are facilitated and performed.

Please reach out to us for additional details on the process to custom tailer the delivery process to best suit the needs of the specific jobsite.

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